Barn Owl for Construction
Check on all your jobsites from any location and any device

Elevate your jobsite management with Barn Owl Tech, where military grade technology meets affordability. Developed in collaboration with and utilized by the U.S. Air Force, our cellular cameras boast superior optics and robust design with every feature you need to manage your construction project.

Protect your jobsite with cellular camera security & AI powered smart alerts

Features round-the-clock high-definition recording, intelligent motion detection, and smart alerts identifying people, vehicles or animals. Easily manage various security scenarios including: motion detection, preset schedules, or audible trigger events.

Control you need at your fingertips

Users can schedule regular email updates to keep stakeholders informed about ongoing progress. Barn Owl HQ allows camera owners to manage various aspects of the platform, including scheduling, user access, and content moderation.

Every second counts – that’s what our time-lapse feature is for

Real-time Awareness from anywhere.

Benefits for Jobsite Managers


Mount the camera and the solar panel,
set it up with Barn Owl HQ, and walk
away. No need for a crew to come by to
do it.


Benefit from high-speed dependable photo and video transmission from any location to any device. 24/7 Power from Barn Owl s Mega Panel.


Barn Owl offers cutting-edge hardware and software products that work in harshest environments to secure valuable remote assets.

U.S. Based Support

Our U.S. based support team ensures quick resolution of any questions or recommended best practices. Our knowledgeable team provides real-time assistance, ensuring clear and efficient communication, built on trust
and understanding.

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