Remote Camera Users Make Monitoring Look Easy with Barn Owl, See for Yourself

Remote Camera Users Make Monitoring Look Easy with Barn Owl, See for Yourself

Keeping eyes on your assets is a full-time job, and let’s face it, you can’t be everywhere at once. With Barn Owl remote cellular cameras, customers solve remote monitoring problems and gain peace of mind. We asked Barn Owl users to show us their best pictures for the 2020 Barn Owl photo contest.

Congratulations, Chad Johnson! Chad captured the winning image, which is featured at the top of this blog. He uses his Barn Owl system for ranch security and management of cattle. Thanks for the photo, Chad, and enjoy the $25 Barn Owl credit, which can be applied toward a future purchase or your Barn Owl monthly invoice.

We had so many great submissions, we decided to share more. Night or day, ranch security or camera trap, customers use their long range wireless cameras for remote monitoring and efficiency. Keep scrolling for a link to see our honorable mentions use their systems.

Proof in the Savings

The average U.S. ranch clocks in at 20-30 square miles and requires 200-350 miles of driving per week to check on assets like Chad's water tank. Taking those numbers into account, Barn Owl remote cellular cameras would save 6-10 hours of labor and $60 to $180 in fuel and vehicle costs per week. Read one customer's case study and use the calculator inside to add up your potential savings.

Check in on your remote property or business with Barn Owl remote surveillance cameras. Monitor remote assets without added manual labor, all while saving time and money. Shop the Barn Owl store now or drop us a question. Email us or chat using the button at the bottom right of your screen. We will be in touch shortly.

View our contest honorable mentions and see how customers use their Barn Owl cameras.