Cypress Growth Capital Invests in Barn Owl

Cypress Growth Capital Invests in Barn Owl

We are thrilled to announce that Cypress Growth Capital has made a significant investment in Barn Owl Tech, recognizing our innovative approach to AI-enabled, off-grid remote monitoring systems.

Barn Owl Is Poised For Growth

Founded in 2016 and based in Colorado Springs, we serve a diverse range of customers, including military bases, ranchers, county governments, public works departments, and wildlife preserves.

Our off-grid cameras integrate with an intelligent monitoring platform that teams use to make informed decisions across wide areas of land. Customers using Barn Owl are able to respond in real time to severe weather events and monitor microclimates, while protecting valuable assets such as equipment, water tanks, and facilities. All using no-touch military-grade hardware built to withstand the toughest conditions.

A Perfect Strategic Partnership

Headquartered in Dallas, Cypress has made investments in more than 50 premier software and technology-enabled services companies since 2010. Cypress offers a flexible, patient form of debt capital that is well-suited to the unique financing needs of fast-growing companies. 

Our partnership with Cypress goes beyond financial support. "We were seeking a partner who could provide guidance and support based on experience leading and building industrial tech companies," said Josh Phifer, Barn Owl’s Founder and CEO. "Cypress offered exactly that, as their partners bring decades of relevant experience that will be valuable as we evolve and scale our products and customer base."

Cypress Partner Vincent Hsieh highlighted Josh's unique qualifications as a key factor in their decision to invest. "With his background as a rancher, Air Force officer, and director at the Air Force-MIT AI Accelerator, no one is better suited than Josh Phifer to lead Barn Owl. We are excited to work with Josh and the leadership team as they expand in the agriculture, municipal, and military sectors while growing into new markets where remote monitoring is vital."

The Next Chapter of Growth

The non-dilutive growth capital from Cypress will be invested in our sales and marketing initiatives and product enhancements. The investment will help us further support incredible innovators such as the Public Works Department in St. Louis County. Their team was recently recognized for their innovative use of our systems to monitor a vast area of roads during winter months, leading to more efficient operations and safer roads. 

We look forward to this new chapter of growth and innovation, and we're excited to continue providing best-in-class monitoring solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey!


The Barn Owl Tech Team