Choosing the Right Mount for Your Camera

Choosing the Right Mount for Your Camera

Camera Mounts are designed to secure your camera to a variety of materials and locations. When selecting a mount, it’s important to consider where you plan to install your camera(s).


Trees, Poles & Pilings:

Tough mount attached to tree.

Tough Mount

Tough Mounts are built with a self-tapping screw and with a wider grip to make it easier to screw into timber and other wood materials. The mount features 360 degrees of rotational adjustment and is arguably the strongest of the mounts.

RAM Screw Mount

Made with powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel, the RAM Screw Mount is designed to hold up in even the most demanding environments. With a 1” lag bolt, the Screw Mount is burly enough to mount a camera, motion sensor, or even a phone into trees, fenceposts, and tree stands.

*All RAM Mounts are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Standard Screw Mount with Ball Head

This easy to use, all-metal, and extremely durable mount is perfect for mounting cameras and/or solar panels in trees, wood posts, and/or boards. This rust-proof mount allows for 360 degree rotation and 120 degrees of up/down movement making it one of the most versatile mounts in the market.

Buildings & Barns:

‍RangeCam with standard wall mount.

Standard Wall Mount

The Standard Wall Mount is ideal for just about any flat surface.

RAM Wall Mount

Made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments. Constructed using a center bolt that bridges the gap between both halves of the socket arm, the RAM Wall Mount provides an infinite number of adjustments to establish the perfect viewing angle for the camera.

*All RAM Mounts are backed by a lifetime warranty


‍Standard clamp mount with ball head on t-post.

Standard Clamp Mount with Ball Head

The Standard Clamp with Ball Head should be used when attempting to mount your camera to a T-post, small poles, windmills, and other small/narrow objects. The Standard Clamp Mount can mount to just about anything that has a diameter less than 1.5” and with the included Ball Head, the clamp mount allows you to aim the camera and/or solar panel in any direction, at any angle.

RAM Clamp Mount

As with all RAM Mounts, the RAM Clamp Mount is made from powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The RAM Clamp Mount features the RAM Tough-Claw mounting base that allows for quick and easy tool-less installation on any round, square, or odd shaped object. The RAM Clamp mount can be used on objects that have an out diameter of 0.625” - 1.14".

*All RAM Mounts are backed by a lifetime warranty