5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Video Surveillance System For Your Property

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Video Surveillance System For Your Property

No matter the type of rural property you have, you want to protect your assets. If you don’t have the time or manpower to consistently monitor critical areas of your property in person, a video surveillance system may be the right option for you. There are a lot of options out there, so how do you know which one is right for your property? 

Here are five things to consider when choosing a video surveillance system:

1. What type of property do you have?

Your remote video surveillance system needs will vary depending on the type of property. A cattle rancher in Wyoming, a hunter in Alabama, a horse breeder in Kentucky, and a farmer in Nebraska will have different monitoring needs. 

2. Which parts of your property need monitoring?

Do you need a camera that can hold up to all types of weather conditions? Are you worried about animals damaging your camera systems? If you’re worried about theft, do you need a camouflaged option?

Consider the most critical assets on your property to determine where monitoring is most essential. 

3. How often do you want to check in on your property?

If you want or need 24/7 video footage of your property, a closed circuit video surveillance system might be for you. However, that can quickly become expensive. If you’re monitoring remote areas of your property, a cellular camera that allows you to trigger on-demand photo or video and delivers motion activated alerts via text or email may be better for you.

4. Do you want wired or wireless?

If the area you want to monitor is remote and outdoors, a wireless option is likely your best bet. Wireless cameras also have the benefit of being easily moved, so your video surveillance system can be relocated when necessary. 

5. Do you need a solar-powered surveillance option? 

If the area you want to monitor gets direct sunlight, a solar-powered remote video surveillance system may be the best option for you. This renewable energy source reduces the need to monitor battery life. Your solar-powered surveillance system will likely have back-up batteries in case the solar panel doesn’t receive enough daily sunlight for a full charge. Otherwise, solar-powered surveillance is a great sustainable option for monitoring your assets.

The best remote video surveillance system for your peace of mind

Farms, ranches, and other rural properties have unique video surveillance needs. This is especially true if you require customer support while setting up and maintaining your camera system. Companies familiar with agricultural or rural surveillance needs are likely a better solution than a general video surveillance company. 

Customer support that understands your unique needs as a rural property owner can be invaluable in making your video surveillance system as effective as possible for your property. The dedicated support team at Barn Owl is here to answer all your questions about choosing Barn Owl for your remote video surveillance system.

No matter the type of video surveillance system you choose for your property, it’s important to take time to research and find an option that will truly work for your needs. Barn Owl understands that protecting your assets is critical. If you’d like to know more about cellular security cameras for your rural property, contact us today.