RangeCam by Barn Owl

Versatility meets Quality. Our most Trusted and Proven Camera line.

Keep your property and your equipment secure with the RangeCams from Barn Owl. The RangeCams are our flagship line of cameras and have been proven to work in almost any situation, condition, and location. Delivering high-resolution photos and videos and equipped with built-in GPS, motion detection, and low-glow illumination, the RangeCams are ideal for remote security needs, around the clock.

Fully Remote - Control from anywhere

Using your Barn Owl HQ account, you can manage your camera's settings remotely from any location. From configuring your alerts and periodic triggers to managing your image and video quality, the RangeCam is designed for those who need remote monitoring and do not have the time to visit each camera location daily, weekly, or monthly to adjust settings.

Features that Matter

High-resolution Photos & Videos

With the 5MP image sensor, the RangeCam can transmit images up to 2560x1920 and videos up to 848x480 at 30FPS. Unlike other cameras on the market, you can configure and manage your image settings remotely, from within your Barn Owl HQ account.

Transmit Faster. Worry Less.

When you need to know what’s happening. The ReachCam can transmit images and videos almost immediately making it one of the fastest cameras in our line-up. With the ReachCam, you’ll always have full awareness of what’s happening throughout your land.

Immediate Recovery.Immediate Results.

With a Burst Mode that captures 5 images in instant succession and transmission & recovery times that rivals some of the best of cellular cameras, the ReachCam is capable of delivering immediate updates resulting in instant awareness of everything that is happening on your land, no matter where you are located.

Feature Rich Simple Controls.

Camera Groups. Photos. Videos.

Easily manage all of your cameras, photos, and videos by creating camera groups that align with your departments, teams, and operational layout.

Satellite Mapping and GPS Locations

Create a digital perimeter of your property and operations and easily determine where you have gaps in your coverage.

Camera Settings & Alert Configurations

Manage all of your camera settings from a single workflow and quickly set alerts to trigger by motion, object detection, or on a schedule.

Developer Solutions – Barn Owl API

Integrate Barn Owl HQ with your existing systems and services.

API Access is sold separately. Available for all accounts.

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