How Barn Owl Water Assets Monitoring Solutions Save This Rancher 15 Hours Per Week

Cow-calf ranch in the Nebraska sandhills uses Barn Owl cameras in rough areas with minimal cell service.

What initial concerns, if any, did you have about Barn Owl’s solution?

That the signal strength would not be great enough to transmit images from where I really needed them. At many of these locations, I cannot reliably make a call from my

Why did you choose Barn Owl?

Barn Owl is able to provide service even where cell reception is limited. Signal strength on the camera with an external antenna is significantly greater than on my phone. The technological support provided by Barn Owl has been constantly

How difficult is it for someone to set up and use the Barn Owl system?

The system can be set up by anyone. If you are unsure or have a question, the support provided by phone or instant message is superb.

How much time and money do you save using Barn Owl cameras?

A network of cameras providing images twice a day on schedule, or at any time at my command has saved 15-20 hours per week. The time that otherwise would have to be spent examining these water supplies in person, has been diverted to spending more time with the cattle and most importantly my family.

Have you or would you recommend Barn Owl to others?

Yes. The technology has been very reliable, but it is the technical support that gives
me the confidence to recommend Barn Owl to anyone.

Benefits for Ranchers

Easy Installation

Mount the camera and the solar panel, set it up with Barn Owl HQ, and walk away. No need for anyone to come by to do it.

Reliable Cellular Data

Benefit from high-speed dependable photo and video transmission from any location to any device. 24/7 Power from Barn Owl s Mega Panel.

Powerful AI

Barn Owl offers cutting-edge hardware and software products that work in harshest environments to secure valuable remote assets.

U.S. Based Support

Our U.S. based support team ensures quick resolution of any questions or recommended best practices. Our knowledgeable team provides real-time assistance, ensuring clear and efficient communication, built on trust
and understanding.

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