EdgeCam by Barn Owl

Capture Everything. Anywhere.

For anyone with advanced security needs including businesses, department heads, and security teams who need a regulatory-compliant remote monitoring and security system. In partnership with Patrick Space Force Base, EdgeCam was designed, tested, and built in the U.S.A. and provides end-to-end data encryption while being the most affordable, fastest, and easiest On Edge Ai-capable wireless camera solution to set up and deploy in its class.

Field tested with the U.S. Military

Designed, tested, and built in the U.S.A., EdgeCam is our most advanced remote monitoring and remote security camera. Designed for multiple military installations, EdgeCam is now available to all businesses, municipal governments, counties, and security teams.

Advanced AI on Edge Processing: Barn Owl’s proprietary AI on Edge Processing, meaning AI runs on full-resolution, native images to maximize object detection. This is unlike other systems that process AI on compressed images post-transmission. AI on Edge provides the most accurate image processing and minimizes cellular data fees.

Features that Matter

Livestream Anytime and Anywhere

Elevate your remote security and jobsite management with our cellular-based livestreaming video technology. This advanced system allows for effective oversight in the most remote areas, providing a reliable security measure and essential tool for operational efficiency and safety compliance, all accessible from anywhere through a cellular connection. Stay connected and in control, regardless of your location.

Superior Nighttime Optics

EdgeCam's integrated Sony Starvis® sensor stands out for its exceptional low-light performance, capturing high-quality images even in poorly lit conditions. This is crucial for ensuring detailed and reliable surveillance footage around the clock, particularly in security-critical environments. The superior optics of the Starvis sensor make it an indispensable component for advanced surveillance systems where clarity and detail are paramount, regardless of lighting conditions.

Flexible Trigger Types

EdgeCam sets a new standard in surveillance flexibility with its scheduled, motion-activated, and audible-enabled camera triggers. These features enable customizable monitoring tailored to specific needs, allowing for both pre-planned and reactive security measures. Schedule cameras to operate at optimal times, utilize motion-activation for efficient, event-driven recording, and leverage audible triggers for enhanced situational awareness.

FirstNet First Responder Ready

EdgeCam is equipped with FirstNet capable, a feature of paramount importance for government use. This dedicated, high-speed communication network, designed for first responders and public safety operations, ensures that EdgeCam maintains highly reliable and secure transmission. In critical situations or areas with limited connectivity, this capability is vital for ensuring uninterrupted, dependable data transmission, making EdgeCam an ideal choice for government applications where consistent communication is crucial.

Lightning Fast Motion Trigger

EdgeCam distinguishes itself in the cellular security market with its ultra-fast 0.03-second motion trigger, one of the fastest available, ensuring immediate response to any detected movement. Coupled with this speed, its capability to capture in 4K resolution provides unparalleled image clarity, essential for both security purposes and detailed project documentation. This blend of rapid response and high-quality imaging makes EdgeCam a highly effective solution for demanding security needs.

Advanced Hardware and Software Security

The EdgeCam comes armed with anti-tampering defense mechanisms, including an accelerometer and locking door hinges that trigger photo alerts anytime the camera senses malicious behavior. Along with these features, the EdgeCam does not store media on the camera unless the operator chooses to do so and uses encrypted HTTPS and MQTT protocols which provide end-to-end data security and encryption, making it the only camera with advanced regulatory compliant features in its price range. Advanced firmware allows for 24/7 uptime.

Trusted by Federal, State and Local Governments

Barn Owl, proudly serves business and government agencies with its reliable and efficient security and monitoring technologies, tailored for diverse and critical operations.

Feature Rich. Simple Controls.

Camera Groups. Photos. Videos.

Easily manage all of your cameras, photos, and videos by creating camera groups that align with your departments, teams, and operational layout.

Satellite Mapping and GPS Locations

Create a digital perimeter of your property and operations and easily determine where you have gaps in your coverage.

Camera Settings & Alert Configurations

Manage all of your camera settings from a single workflow and quickly set alerts to trigger by motion, object detection, or on a schedule.

Developer Solutions
Barn Owl API

Integrate Barn Owl HQ with your existing systems and services.

API Access is sold separately. Available for all accounts.