See What Matters To You.
Anytime. Anywhere.

No Wi-Fi or Power Needed.

You can't be everywhere at once.

Until now.

Our off-grid cameras & smart alerts help you:

Keep watch

On critical assets, locations, & animals.

Address threats

Such as criminals and severe weather.

Drive less

To check on things.

Make better decisions with
your time and money

No Wi-Fi needed.
  • Smart alerts
  • Military-grade
  • 45-Day Guarantee

"I use Barn Owl cameras to monitor water levels in hard to get places. Saves me a lot of time and worry. Gives me peace of mind knowing that my cattle have water."

– Brandon S., New Mexico

Getting started couldn't be easier.

1. Build your system and invite collaborators

2. Customize your alerts

3. Save time & gain peace of mind

Get custom alerts from locations you care about.

Try an alert now.

Don't let the lack of Wi-Fi make you vulnerable to threats.

Act now to protect the things you care about.

Remote roads
Stormwater areas
Water tanks, crops & animals
Construction sites
Barns, sheds, & garages

Install your cameras where YOU want.

Get the alerts YOU want.

We get it. Trust matters.

Barn Owl was founded by a rancher and Air Force fighter pilot. So we know the challenges you face.

We offer peace of mind with our world-class customer support.

Based right here in the US.
Every device backed by our iron-clad guarantee:
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 45-day guarantee
  • 2-year warranty
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Active Devices
Devices being used in every state in the U.S.

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We Care.

Barn Owl is veteran-owned and based at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

We support communities and organizations with free hardware and services.

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